A Peek Inside My Bookcase

I’ve had a couple people ask what my bookcase actually looks like, so here it is bottom to top, top to bottom, all of it and close up so you can judge.
Before you ask: yes, that is seasons 1-5 of Boy Meets World on DVD. And I’m aware I have two copies of The Year of the Flood, one of them belongs to my friend Alan. The white owl thing was a gift from my little sister who thinks it looks like Hedwig and I love it, and the Eeyore and pillow on the top are from when i was a little kid.If you think I would like a book or you see a book here that you’ve read, let me know! I love hearing about other peoples’ reading experiences!

P.s. I’m missing a few that I’ve lent out to friends, so if you see holes that’s why.







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