The Table of Less Valued Knights – Marie Phillips


Hello! This is going to be short because I’m in the middle of watching the Sound of Music sing-a-long. But it’s been a while so I figured I owed you one.

Life updates: I got my wisdom teeth out Wednesday so that’s been fun. On the up side, I got my Christmas shopping done remarkably early this year! And I’ve been reading like crazy, so there’s going to be tons of posts! YAY! (Mostly yays for me, because I actually have time to write. But I mean if you happen to like reading about my reading habits, have at ‘er.)

So, The Table of Less Valued Knights. I used to be super obsessed with historical fiction, and I am currently obsessed with fantasy, so when I figured out this book was both I was all over it. Plus I read Gods Behaving Badly by the same author, and I enjoyed that so I figured why not? I was certainly not disappointed, I liked The Table of Less Valued Knights more than I liked Gods Behaving Badly. It was hilarious, witty and clever with magic and sword play and gender roles, everything a good Arthurian legend needs.

I guess you would like some idea of what the book is about, right? Right. The young queen of Puddock, Martha, was never prepared to be queen, her older brother was supposed to rule. But he died before he could rule, so Martha is queen and her regency is demanding she wed. Well, Martha is having none of that and runs away the day of her wedding. During her escape, she is intercepted and is sent on a quest to find her not actually dead brother. Over in Camelot, Sir Humphrey is in his place, not at Arthur’s Round Table but at the table of Less Valued Knights. He is determined to make his was back to the Round Table by completing an important and dangerous quest. He accepts a quest from a young woman searching for her fiancée. The two quests are in fact intertwined, and Martha winds up travelling with Sir Humphrey and his squire. Of course mischief follows, hi-jinks and laughter included.

The whole story is just hilarious, not often do books make me laugh out loud and this one did. Often and loudly. I really enjoyed this book, the way the all of the characters stories interact really had me wanting more. I raced through the story, needing to know what happened. If you’re looking for a break from all of the fantasy series you’ve been reading and need a lighthearted standalone book (that’s me, people. I’ve been a fantasy addict lately) then this is the book for you.

Alright, now that that’s been said, back to the Sound of Music sing-a-long and listening to my sister belt her heart out. Merry Christmas! And of course happy Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus and anything else you may celebrate!


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